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bSocial helps businesses reach their highest market potential, through the use of social media.

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Through the use Canon cameras, Drones, GoPro’s and much more we will write, film and edit a video to make your business shine!


From head-shots to events, we will send one of our dedicated photographers to come showcase your business!

Social Media Marketing 

bSocial manages all of your businesses social media needs. We acquire and create all original content such as pictures, videos, graphics, and much more for daily posts. We focus on the social media, so you can focus on the rest of your business.

We believe that having the best equipment while being in the field will provide the best results. Which is why we have invested in the best tools to get high quality content, from GoPro’s to drones to Canon cameras and much more!

We have done it all from going high up in boom trucks to hopping inside muddy foundation repairs. Creative consistent content is the key to a successful social media presence, and we make that happen!


From writing to filming and editing, we do it all.
We want to showcase your business to customers via video. The idea is to leverage video content and showcase business through web, social media, and digital format.
We will film and create a high quality video that shows off what your business is all about. We use Go Pro’s, Drones, Steady Cams, DSLR cameras and everything is shot in High Definition.


bSocial is proud to have amazing photographers on our team! Whether your business needs updated head shots for your team, or you’re hosting an event, we will come and get professional pictures to show you off! This includes editing of all photographs through programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Once again, we use all high quality Canon Cameras to get the best pictures possible.


Facebook and Instagram Campaigns 

Are you looking for an easier, more cost-effective way to promote your local business?

Social media has become an integral part of business growth today. If a business does not have a presence on social media, it may lose out on customers. This is why you find even the smallest of businesses trying to leverage social advertisements and engagement to boost their reach and conversions — especially on Facebook. But many of these businesses find themselves asking: Do Facebook ads work?

As of June 2018, Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users. It is clearly THE most popular social networking site in the world. Be it for professional or personal use, the social media channel is widely accepted by a wide range of demographics in the consumer market.

Understanding how to leverage Facebook ads effectively is now more important than ever. Since it is a part of almost every successful social media strategy, it is vital to know how your posts can be seen by the right consumers at the right time.

Over a 12-month period, Some of our customers have seen their sales increase by over 12% (this is there most expensive treatment) and best of all, they also decreased their overall advertising costs by 22%.

7 Ways Facebook Ads Can Help You Grow Your Business

  1. Helps your business get in front of your ideal customer in your area
  2. Gain valuable knowledge and analytics about your customers
  3. Turn website visitors into leads and customers
  4. Boost sales and brand awareness
  5. Decrease current marketing costs
  6. Ad campaigns support your organic strategy
  7. Puts you ahead of your competition

if you’re not yet using Facebook ads to increase your online presence, generate leads and make more sales, then you’re indeed missing out on a great opportunity that could take your business to the next level.

Tier 1 

  • Social media audit
  • Basic promotion and brand awareness campaigns
  • Increase engagement and page likes
  • Facebook business page optimization
  • Monthly reporting

Tier 2

Includes tier 1 and adds:

  • Sales funnels
  • Giveaways and contest promotion
  • Custom audiences
  • Re-targeting
  • Video marketing
  • Monthly analysis on target audiences

Tier 3

Includes tier 1 and 2 and adds:

  • Competitor analysis and breakdown
  • Facebook Live marketing
  • Facebook Messenger marketing
  • Landing page design
  • Lead capture
  • Conversion optimization
  • Split testing
  • Ad scaling
  • eCommerce support

Why Clients Choose To Work With Us 


You’re looking for an ad agency for their knowledge and experience. Maybe you’ve already spent the countless hours muddling through the complex settings and features of Facebook ads. But why spend your valuable time and money on something outside your area of expertise.

You’re here looking for professional Facebook advertisers with years of experience advertising on this unique platform. So, avoid the headaches. Our team will take care of Facebook advertising for you. Focus your time where your business needs you most.

Timely Results

Can you imagine waiting months and months to get the first positive result? Do you want to continue paying an agency that is not delivering a breakthrough outcome in a time-efficient manner?

Our goal is to get your campaigns up and running as soon as possible and start seeing results immediately. Remember – everyone is working together to see your ROI trending upwards! We’ll work to set deadlines and meet targets on a regular basis.

Quality Customer Service

We are dedicated to your project will develop a close relationship with you and your business. We will learn everything we need to know about your vision, goals, and requirements a vital aspect of delivering quality customer service and making you feel at home.

You’ll feel like you are part of a winning team that is on top of their game and not cutting corners along the way. We’ll take care of every aspect of your ad campaign and ensure that every detail is addressed in the best way possible for your business.

Logo Design and Brand Development

We can make all of your branding dreams come to a creative and outstanding reality! We do it all including:

– Business Cards
– Letterhead/Envelopes
– Brochures
– Post Card
– Flyer
– Menus

Advertising Design:
Magazine/Newspaper Ads
Editorial Layout
Clothing Graphics
Door Hangers
Trade Show Booth/Materials
Retractable Banners
Newsletters/Mail Chimp
and more…

Some of our work:

Meet Our Team

Natasha Sobota Chase

Natasha Sobota Chase

Photographer/ Videographer

Natasha is an enthusiastic person with a great creative eye. She brings a dedicated and fun attitude to all the work she puts forth at bSocial.

Abby White

Abby White

Creative Director

Abby is a recent graduate of Niagara College with a diploma in Digital Photography. Coming from a background primarily in lifestyle photography Abby is excited to bring a creative eye to the bSocial team.

Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Brown


I’m Rebecca Brown the founder and CEO of bSocial marketing. Over the past 5 years I have worked in outside sales which allowed me to be in the front line of businesses and their owners. I started to notice that when connecting with my customers via social media it seemed as though the presence and marketing weren’t where they needed to be. Thus began my mission to provide businesses with a fantastic social media status.
For fun I like to cook and bake delicious recipes, which I also share through social media, of course! I am a huge animal lover, from my tiny cats to our Rottweiler and Dogue de Bordeaux.  During weekends my husband and I love spending time in Muskoka, at the cottage. We’re looking forward to helping you and your businesses social media needs!
Tim Brown

Tim Brown


My name is Tim Brown and I’m president of bSocial Marketing. I’ve enjoyed growing and developing businesses for the last 10 years by providing the best customer service and sales experience possible.
With today’s demands of online presence for both business and personal use, it is critical that we paint and share a positive, creative and consistent image to our customers. Lead generation and engagement with customers is always the focus.
When I’m not out working with our customers you can find me attempting to golf or spending time working on anything with an engine. I enjoy cars, quads, snowmobiles, tractors and boats.
Feel free to call me or email me and say, “Hello”. We are looking forward to working with you to bSocial, bSeen, and bSuccessful!!

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